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Drone journalizm. Macedonia: Drone captures HUGE anti-gov protest in Skopje from RuptlyTV. 2015 (0)
Best aerials.Hong Kong Aerial filming with DJI Inspire 1 & Phantom 2 - 香港航拍 (HK) from Adrian Montage. 2015 (0)
Crazy POV. DJI Phantom, Reverse Fireworks from Jerry McNeely. 2014 (0)
Best adventure aerials. STABILIZED DJI PHANTOM VIDEO CONTEST - EAGLE EYES Stabilized from deyvissonbs.2015 (0)
Exetreme aviation events. Solar Impulse Airplane - The Pilot's Training Before Boarding Solar Impulse 2 - #Discover . 2015 (0)

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20 May 2015

Both pilots, André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, in addition to all the technical difficulties they face, the RTW Solar Impulse adventure is also a great human challenge. Discover how the pilots trained and prepared for the unexpected, and how the team build up important safety measures for such an extreme experience. Don't miss our next #Discover for new unreleased inside details on Solar Impulse!

Get more information about the project: http://www.solarimpulse.com

#Solarimpulse #RTW #Si2

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More videos about Solar Impulse 2:
GoPro: Solar Impulse 2 Airplane Exclusive Shots ... Читать дальше »

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15 Mar 2015

Video ganhador de concurso internacional sobre melhor imagem aérea.
Produzido por Deyvisson Bastos Silva.
This vídeo is the winner of world best aerial footage contest by DJI. Produced by Deyvisson Bastos Silva
Song: The Cinematic Orchestra.

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2 Nov 2014

Fireworks in reverse.
Shot 100% on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition and a DJI Phantom over Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando FL.
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Instagram =


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, 2015

Hong Kong aerial filming with DJI Inspire 1 & Phantom 2 - 香港航拍

  • Music  "Turning Point" by Audiomachine ( • )

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May 17, 2015

Drone footage captured some 20,000 anti-government protesters as they marched through Skopje on Sunday,
decrying alleged police brutality and government corruption and calling for the resignation of the Macedonian leadership.

Video ID: 20150517-036

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May 17, 2015

© The Verge // Перевод - SlyLama
Оригинал - http://youtu.be/zNAWJ_vBr-k
The Freightliner Inspiration is the world's first road-ready self-driving truck, and Daimler let us take a ride in one outside Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Like with many other self-driving vehicles, the ride isn't too exciting on the surface — that is, until you realize that a 20-ton machine is doing all the driving for you.
You wont see these on the road any time soon, but they'll bring a number of benefits when they get there.
Self-driving trucks will cut down on emissions and save fuel.
Most importantly, they will make the roads a safer place.

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Absolutely brilliance slomo+futurebass compo.
28 Feb 2015

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition Slow Motion 240 FPS
Música: Shigeto - "After The Smoke"

  • Music "After She Smokes" by Shigeto ( • • )

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Yet another beautyfull promo sketch from France. Prof level!
19 May 2015

What if a balloon could have his own will? And what if a talented movie maker would record a video of its trip with Bebop Drone?
There you go, thank you Will Hutchinson.

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0 Jul 2013

Lufthansa Airbus A380 landing in San Francisco KSFO - Original version with English Subtitles.
Partly taken from the DVD | BD "PilotsEYE.tv A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps" more... http://petv.co/enpe12
Review of whole film http://petv.co/13UXPi4
Cockpit Landeszenen auf San Francisco SFO KSFO Int'l - Runway 28R - Originalton mit engl. Untertitel - Bestandteil der DVD |
BD "PilotsEYE.tv A380 SAN FRANCISCO - The final flights of JR Jürgen Raps"
more... http://petv.co/PE12dtRoute

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O D Y S S E Y from Ruslan Khasanov on Vimeo.

Video by Rus Khasanov (ruskhasanov.com)
Music by Ilya Beshevli (soundcloud.com/beshevli)

Sony a7r, Sonnar T* 55mm f/1.8 ZA + Macro Lenses

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