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Aviation industry. Сделка между Quest Aircraft и SkyView Aircraft. 2014 (0)
US UAV LAW from DIYD. 2014 (0)
Massive droning at Intergeo 2014 report from senseFly YT. 2014 (0)
Best TL. Timelapse airline flight from LAX to PHX 5sec Interval Hero3 V16296 JcmdiStockFootage. 2014 (0)
Extreme droning. FPVfactory Waterproof Quadcopter Mariner Extreme Fly on Water B FPVfactory. 2014 (2)
Freak world. 500,000 Dominoes - The Year in Domino - 3 Guinness World Records Sinners Domino Entertainment. 2014 (6)

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13 May 2014

Bob is a pilot of FPVfactory, who is just happy&excited about the Mariner. Because Mariner is the first waterproof quadcopter he ever have, and it has just excellent performance that shock him.

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Pax POV.

21 Oct 2014

Los Angeles to Phoenix in less than a minute. Too bad the cloud cover was so thick, but there were still some interesting views. Filmed with a GoPro Hero3+ black mounted to the aircraft window (inside, of course!) using 5sec timelapse intervals.

The soundtrack is "Slap Minor" from the "Random" CD by Technician (yours truly), album and single track available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rand... full artist discography and CDs available at HTTP://technician.jcmdi.com

Note: The audio and video material contained herein is copyright 2014 JCM Digit... Читать дальше »

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Для справки, только для сшп, актуализируется.

Regulatory FAQ

Posted by Chris Anderson on March 9, 2008.
These are FAQ about the current state of UAV regulation in the US. Regulations elsewhere are different,here is a similar post giving the rules for Canada.

Q: Are UAVs legal in the United States?
A: Under certain conditions, they are. There are two ways to legally fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the "National Airspace", which is to say all but certain restricted areas: 1) Get a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA, a process that can take months or more.
2) Fly under exemptions granted to non-commercial ("recre... Читать дальше »

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Небольшая китайская компания SkyView Aircraft стала эксклюзивным дилером канадской Quest_Aircraft в ЮВА и организует производство Quest_Kodiak к 2019 году.

Quest Aircraft signs China Kodiak dealer

October 19, 2014 Alton K. Marsh

Quest Aircraft Co. has signed a China dealer for its Kodiak and eventually will do limited assembly and manufacturing there.

Quest Aircraft Co. has signed an agreement with SkyView Aircraft (Jiangsu) Industry Co. to represent Quest as the exclusive dealer for the Kodiak turboprop utility aircraft in China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The contract also outlines plans for limited assembly and eventual manuf... Читать дальше »

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Accurate pilotage practice.
Oct 6, 2014

Thank to the Karting Rumilly team for the warm welcome and for the overflight permission, a few turns of pure pleasure.
A race is on project...


Merci à l'équipe du Karting de Rumilly pour l’excellent accueil et pour l'autorisation de survol, quelques tours d'un pur plaisir.
Un projet de courses est en court...

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Чип беспроводных интерфейсов от iPhone + Arm A5 от Rockchip = 30$ смартфон.

15 Oct 2014

Rockchip XMM6321 is the XG632 dual-core ARM Cortex-A5 chip with the AG620 baseband chip from Intel's Infineon division making ARM with Rockchip for an entry level 3G 2-chip solution, for sub-$30 entry level 3G Rockchip phones, sub-$40 entry level 3G Rockchip Tablets, the 3G baseband part supplied by Intel and this ARM Processor manufactured in Intel's Fab in 28nm (I think perhaps it's designed by Rockchip with Intel's baseband and made at TSMC). Ro... Читать дальше »

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15 Jul 2013

Shell's internal video about Cyberhawk's innovative inspection services using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

+ PL с канала фирмы.
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20 Oct 2014

Demolition experts use almost a ton of explosives to implode the 116 meter AFE Tower in Frankfurt, Germany.

Special thanks to Christian Cyfus.

Shot 100% on the HERO3+® camera from http://GoPro.com.

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